Volume 2 : Issue 1

Digital Repositories and Information Systems & Networks in India: The Way for Digital Communication with Challenges and Opportunities

Authors : Prantosh K. P. ,Dipak C. ,Poovammal E.



Information Networks and Digital repositories both are equally important in India to develop Indian information infrastructure and information and communication technological systems. Open access systems are the most important digital social movement. In India, Digital Repositories and Information Systems & Networks play an important role to remove information division. We need several open archives and accessible information repositories, Today this kind of schooling has two-category open access repositories and self archiving schools. This paper describes information and digital repositories emphasizing meaning, characteristics and its evolution in the emerging scenario. As Information Systems and Networks are the main pillars for equal information distribution and healthy information infrastructure, we discuss the evolution and contemporary scenario of Information Systems and Networks with special reference to their challenges and related issues.